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We follow the new regulations required for group dog walking by having no more than four dogs with a ‘Pet Pal’.

We provide dog walks for up to two dogs per household. The walks are 45 minutes and the whole 45 minutes are dedicated to the walk and play with your best friend. The travel time is not included so your dog will be outside for up to two hours.

The walks are fun, full of encouragement for play and interesting locations for your dog to have a good sniff around!  

Living near the New Forest we are lucky to have so many great walks but we also have beach locations for them to enjoy too.

During the free initial consultation we can agree with the terms for your companions safety, whether they will be off the lead, what toys they like to play with and how much mischief we can expect.

We are at your beck and call once you have joined us – You can contact us on the same day for a walk by text, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, email, Twitter, Instagram, call or carrier pigeon (Well, maybe not the last one!).

Just get in touch and we will make sure your friend is looked after.